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We offer a bespoke site clearance service in London construction sites. We make clearance easier for everyone. We can supply van tippers 3.5t, HGV tippers, grab HGV, litter pickers and can even undertake demolition work to ensure the construction waste is removed effectively and disposed according to the rules and waste regulations.


We offer recycling and waste management solution for the construction industry across London, and tailor to their needs. We work alongside with each individual customer and offer a solution that is effective and financially beneficial. We are proud to say we recycle on average 90% of all the construction waste we handle. We are constantly redeveloping our construction recycling methods to continue to improve our environmental performance, and the more we can recycle the better our environment will be.


We have a wealth of experience when it comes to working on construction projects. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry will help to make the clearance as cost effective as possible. We deliver the staff that have experience and knowledge to make the clearance as safe as possible, and help with the efficiencies and improve the environmental footprint, as we try and recycle everything rather than take everything to the landfills.

The Solution

We are often an ideal waste solution to any construction project, especially whether the bulk of the waste is heavy or light. We can complete Site Waste Management Plans on site, and advising on waste segregation, recycling and disposal.

We can recycle the following materials:

  • Hardcore​

  • Concrete

  • Ballast

  • Plastic

  • Gravel

  • Stone

  • Sub Soil

  • Majority of litter

  • Wood

  • Muck


If we are in doubt of certain material, we will need to take soil samples and have the soil tested at a lab. Currently what we can't collect:

  • Asbestos (There are strict rules on the removal and handling of asbestos)

  • Non-Haz waste

  • Muck that has been contaminated with (Oil, Fuel, and other corrosive liquids)

  • Tarmac

Simply call our team and what you need doing and we will send out a site surveyor to give you the best possible quote. We have no problems in visiting different sites or making scheduled visits. We are flexible in managing your waste needs, and  we will load and dispose of all of your waste from any location and as many locations as needed.

Contact us by clicking here to arrange for one of our site representatives to visit your site and give you a quotation.


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